All our customer references are confidential. Below is some feedback from customer meetings.

Finland / 100 k ton biofuel fab, three location candidates

  • General concept to be multiplied
  • Biogas and bio coal from wood chips

USA waste biomass

  • Interesting solution for the dead trees in California, solution needed for utilizing 160 M dead tress
    • Preventing wild fires and proving fuels and fertilizers
    • Biogas as RNG to traffic fuel is lucrative business

USA tire factory / 100 k ton

  • “Your concept looks more lucrative than any fossil fuel”
  • Cost at par with fossil fuels even on industrial heat only

Mexico / 50 k ton

  • “This looks interesting to replace electricity purchases”
  • New Mexico law à 35% to renewal energy
  • Tests on coconut shells

Bio factory in Finland / 30 + k ton

  • Improve waste water biogas recovery

India 100 k ton straw

  • Need to get fertilizers form straw fast to circulation
    • –Biogas process duration key element

Major gas provider and Utility company in Finland are interested in using Finrenes technology for fuel production / 100 k ton

  • “We think you got it right”
  • “We are interested in buying fuels provided from Finrenes process”
  • Tests on bark
  • Possible major bio fuel fab