Brown pellets as fuel for power generation


  • Need to get clean and storable fuels for 24/7 continuous renewable energy production
  • Compensation power for wind and solar energy required
  • Use of fossil coal can be banned in the near future in other states, California is not using fossil coal any more


  • Brown pellets to replace fossil coal in a coal-firing power plant
  • Brown pellets can be used also partially, if 35% reduction of fossil CO2 emissions is needed, it can be reached by using 35% of bio coal


  • Brown pellets is the fastest way to retro-fit a fossil coal incinerating power plant
  • Can be used in all coal firing plants
  • Can use existing coal-firing power plant investments until the end of their operative life
  • Quick ramp-up, just start using new fuel
  • Possible modifications very small, possible a pellet fuel feeding system