Need for Biogas (RNG)

  • Clean renewable traffic fuel is needed for heavy traffic that cannot run on electricity: busses, trucks, ships
  • Biogas (RNG) is stated to be carbon negative traffic fuel, not only carbon neutral (California Air Resources Board)


  • Produce biogas from woody waste resources locally
  • Refine biogas to high grade biomethane
  • Use biomethane instead of CNG
    • Solve waste biomass problem
    • Solve renewable traffic fuel problem


  • Can provide locally biogas from different types of difficult waste biomass, such as dead trees, straw, nut hulls, food residues
  • Biogas (RNG) can be replace fossil natural gas (CNG) which is currently already used in buses, trucks and ships


  • Biodiesel from edible resources
    • Food resources should not be used as fuel
  • Biodiesel from inedible resources
    • Expensive, high cost and low efficiency process
  • Biogas
    • Other technologies cannot produce biogas from woody biomass by anaerobic digestion